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Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc. hosts Mason H.S. Students

Approximately thirty Mason City (Ohio) High School students along with parent chaperons were given a tour of the Hi-Tek Manufacturing operations on Friday, February 17th.  The tour was organized by one of the student’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stevens.  Their son is currently involved in classes in AutoCAD and other design engineering disciplines. Additional students in the class joined in to have a first-hand look at the complex manufacturing processes utilized by Hi-Tek in manufacturing HGP components for the turbine engine industry.


The tour was divided into three groups, where each of the smaller groups toured the manufacturing facility first, reviewing processes such as CNC grinding, machining, laser drilling and cutting, and various EDM operations.  After observing the manufacturing processes, the groups toured the design facility where Hi-Tek designers demonstrated the use of 3-D Unigraphics and other drawing techniques.  Taking customer provided models, the Hi-Tek designers also demonstrated how these 3-D models are studied, rotated, and utilized to accurately design the fixtures and tools required to manufacture the various required features into the castings.

The group asked numerous questions and experienced first-hand the practical application of graphic design as it applies to the manufacturing process.  At a final wrap up, there were numerous questions about the various manufacturing operations as well as the markets Hi-Tek serves.

“There are excellent career opportunities in manufacturing,” commented Phil Janson, Hi-Tek President to the group.  He went on to encourage the young students to consider manufacturing design, engineering, and other numerous opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Most impressive was the fact that these high school students made the trip on their own time as the Mason HS classes were not in session that day.

5 Myths About Manufacturing Jobs

There are plenty of myths regarding manufacturing, the jobs available, and the future of the sector. Some of these myths are no big deal – the myth that the U.S. can’t compete with China, for instance, doesn’t drive people away from a manufacturing career path. In truth, we do compete with China, but while we can’t beat them when it comes to sheer quantity, we can beat them in quality. What hurts the most are myths that drive people away from manufacturing careers; careers that could be great for them to get into. If you are considering launching into a manufacturing career and you hear these myths, you need to ignore them.

Manufacturing Jobs are Low-Skill Jobs

In the past, many manufacturing jobs have been simple, hands-on, singular tasks. Turning wrenches, hammering, and manual assembly jobs were representative of the activities a worker would be required to do every day. In the modern manufacturing climate, workers are just as likely to be programming machines as welding pieces together. They will shift from one task to another, sometimes over the course of a single day. These are skilled jobs and require flexibility and highly developed skills.

Manufacturing Jobs are Dead-End Jobs

Most manufacturers are not interested in hiring workers who do not see themselves growing within the company. Innovation, the evolution of talent, and ideas are leading the sector into the future, and companies get it. Many companies hire with the idea that the new employees will learn and advance within the company as well as offer various educational opportunities for continued growth.

Manufacturing Jobs Don’t Pay Well

A century ago, manufacturing jobs were low-paying jobs with few benefits, and that has been a characterization that has been difficult to shake. Today the average manufacturing job is worth a combined $17,000 per year more in pay and benefits (including health benefits, retirement funds, pension plans, and more) than the average non-manufacturing or service industry position.

Women Aren’t Welcome in Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing is a male-dominated sector, and has been historically – that can’t be argued. However, manufacturing companies have been working to change that, and are not only open to more women joining the workforce, but have been actively pursuing it. This falls in line with the pursuit of innovation and evolution – manufacturers want the brightest minds, regardless of their gender.

The Manufacturing Job Means Working in a Dirty Environment

In the early days of manufacturing, many times the conditions were deplorable.  Lighting and air quality was poor at best, and unsafe working conditions were the norm.  No longer.  Today the manufacturing work environment is clean, safe, with temperature and humidity controlled environments.  Modern machine tools are computer controlled and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.  Companies realize that in order to produce the highest quality products, the work environment and operating conditions have to be of the highest standard possible.

What debunking all these myths demonstrates is that a career in manufacturing has a lot to offer. Whether at Hi-Tek  or any of the thousands of other manufacturers across the country, manufacturing workers are incredibly satisfied with their jobs, and continue to demonstrate that a career in a manufacturing job was their best choice. Manufacturing offers great jobs, and manufacturers are looking for more workers to fill them.

Career Opportunities at Hi-Tek Manufacturing

Hi-tek-googlpus-profile-logoAmerica’s manufacturing industry was born out of ingenuity and innovation, principles that helped make the country what it is. Manufacturing is also the backbone of this country; when the industry does better, our entire economy responds accordingly.

Today’s manufacturing is the most exciting and innovative it has ever been. New technologies and advancements are making America more competitive than in decades, and are bringing business and jobs back from overseas. Today’s manufacturing is exciting and demanding, and offers Americans stable, rewarding careers they can count on.

As American manufacturers, we can say with pride that our dedicated employees are constantly working on exciting, challenging projects. They are a team, committed to their work, our customers, and each other.

As a constantly growing company, we are always looking for talented people to join our team and benefit from a mutually rewarding partnership in growth and success. In February, we teamed up with Prestige Technical Services, a renowned recruiting company dedicated to staffing talented people in manufacturing and engineering. Together we held two job fairs, seeking candidates for many positions, including machinists, tool makers, CNC operators, mechanical engineers, and more.

The job fairs were exciting and successful, and provided the opportunity for us to connect with some very experienced and talented people. They also provided the opportunity for qualified, hardworking people to become familiar with us and what we do.

However, these job fairs weren’t only chance for job seekers to join our team. We always welcome the opportunity to expand our team, and currently have a range of positions available for qualified candidates. Check out the list here on our website, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you believe you are a good fit. Our success story is an ever-growing one, and you could be a part of it.