Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire EDM

Hi-Tek began WEDM processing in 1984. Since then Hi-Tek has continually grown and updated its WEDM capabilities. Our WEDM equipment handles parts as large as 51" x 39" x 20". The department is supported by a total of (8) 4-axis and 5-axis CNC controlled machines to generate a variety of shapes and geometries. They are instrumental in the production of electrode holders for other EDM work, as well as performing metallurgical cut ups and cross sections to evaluate brazing and other related disciplines.

Plunge EDM

Hi-Tek's vast assortment of Plunge EDM Machines can handle parts of many sizes up to as large as 48" x 29"x 20". This equipment ranges from 3 axis manual to 6 axis CNC. CNC electrode changers exist on many of these machines. Hi-Tek was founded in 1980 with then current Plunge EDM equipment and has vastly expanded and updated ever since. Annually, millions of holes, slots, grooves, cavities, etc. are produced using our Plunge EDM equipment.

Fast Hole EDM

Developed for speedy hole making, Fast Hole is one of the latest EDM developments. Hi-Tek stays ahead of the industry by designing and building their own Fast Hole EDM machines to outperform those that are commercially available. Hi-Tek has designed and built many sizes and configurations to best satisfy the specific needs of theirs customers.

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