Laser Ablation Services

Laser ablation is a material vaporization removal method using a high-intensity laser beam. At Hi-Tek Manufacturing, we employ a laser ablation process to remove thermal barrier coatings (TBC’s) from high-performance turbine engine components during various manufacturing, maintenance, and repair processes. Thermal barrier coatings are widely used to provide thermal protection to super alloy components in turbine engines. Over time, processes such as wear, erosion, and foreign object impact can cause a reduction in thickness. When the thickness drops below a critical value and the thermal barrier effect is no longer adequate, the parts must be repaired, which typically requires complete removal of the coating.

With our high-end laser equipment, we remove thermal barrier coatings, which measure as microscopically small as 0.0004” thickness. Cutting edge optical technologies enable us to effectively remove the TBC down to the conductive bond coat on the component. Our proficiency allows us to achieve fast removal rates without compromising the integrity of either the bond coat or the substrate.

Precision EDM hole-making work in challenging materials can be compromised by the presence of thermal barrier coatings. We use the same laser ablation process to remove coatings prior to EDM and/or laser drilling.

With laser equipment in the 400 W to 4,000 W power ranges, we have the versatility to manage the removal of different types of thermal barrier coatings from a variety of substrates. As a leading manufacturer of components and assemblies used in aircraft, power generation, and marine turbine engines, laser ablation is a valuable asset in our services portfolio.Contact us today to learn more. Request for Quote

Laser Ablation Capabilities

General Capabilities
TBC Removal
EDM Drilling Preparation
Mod Machining TBC Scrub
Equipment Used
CNC Control Capabilities
DNC (Direct Numerical Control)
Maximum Output Power:
400 W (YAG)
4,000 W (CO2)
Maximum XYZ Travel = 96"x72"x36"
Drilling Holes & Cutting
Cooling Holes
Material Finish
Removal of TBC to Bond Coat
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Visual Inspection

Additional Information

Industries Served
Aircraft Turbine Engines – Commercial & Military
Marine Turbine Engines
Power Generation Turbine Engine
Industry Standards Met
ISO 9001:2008
AS 9100
Six Sigma Certifications
3 Black Belts
3 Green Belts
Lean Manufacturing
File Formats Accepted