Celebrating Earth Day In April

Each year in April the world pays tribute to the planet’s environment and brings awareness to the issue of pollution. Here at Hi-Tek Manufacturing, we join in the celebration and take action toward limiting harmful pollution on Earth Day and throughout the rest of the year.

Earth Day

The Story behind Earth Day

The special day is rooted in the environmental movement of 1970 when an emerging attentiveness emerged for the relationship between pollution and public health. Earth Day 1970 was the brainchild of Gaylord Nelson, spurred on by witnessing the damaging effects of Santa Barbara’s huge 1969 oil spill.

Today, Earth Day is a global event that over a billion people celebrate every April 22. It is a day for taking action to change human behaviors and policies to help protect the Earth.

Working to Support the Environment

Hi-Tek Manufacturing proudly takes steps every day to limit pollution in our many machine tool operations. The tool processes involve central filtration systems and require using a certain liquid, such as grinding oil or coolant.

We ensure the fluid is highly filtered, as well as pressure and temperature controlled, and that the filter system sludges are processed with fluids extracted and returned to system tanks. Also, we further process the solids to retrieve any metallic pieces for reuse. The result is that our waste stream is at almost net zero.

Taking Responsibility

At Hi-Tek Manufacturing, we recognize that we have a responsibility to the local community and, therefore, we do our part by integrating eco-friendly measures into daily machining operations on specialty alloy turbine engine components.

Future generations living on our planet deserve a quality life, and protecting the environment today can help them experience exactly that. We encourage you to seek out involvement in green initiatives on Earth Day 2017 and the other 364 days of the year too. Contact us to find out more about our approaches toward limiting pollution as we use leading-edge manufacturing technologies to compose even the most intricate manufacturing designs.