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Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc. Installs New 5-Axis Horizontal Milling Center

Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc., leader in the production of aviation and power generation hot gas path turbine engine components, have just completed the purchase and installation of a new CNC 5-Axis Niigata Horizontal Trunnion horizontal milling machine.  The milling center, Model HN63E-5X, supplied by SNK America, Inc. of Mt. Prospect, IL., compliments existing Niigata HMC’s installed just three years ago.  This new advanced machine was on display at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago and purchased directly from the floor.

CNC 5-Axis Niigata Horizontal Trunnion horizontal milling machine

The heavy duty machine has been specifically designed for machining difficult materials such as high nickel alloy HGP turbine engine components.  The machine features a boxed guideway rigid structured machine with 900nm of torque at 6,000 rpm, designed specifically for hardened metals.  The machine boasts the following features/benefits:

  • A tilting table trunnion design with full 5-axis contouring capability for complex parts with extended reach to machine intricate five-face, multi-faceted components.
  • Single work set-up which increases productivity while maintaining geometries for optimum accuracy.
  • Rugged design and construction with heavy duty 5-axis trunnion table supported by high load type roller bearings, solid boxway construction with massive thick-walled, heavily ribbed frames.
  • Rigid horizontal spindle configuration – standard 35 HP, 6,000 rpm
  • Standard 62 tool capacity (expandable to 128 tools for growth) and pallet changer
  • Simultaneous 5-axis contouring with Niigata Advanced Controller
  • Pallet size is 24.8” x 24.8” to support a maximum workpiece size of 37.4” x 31.5” and a permissible mass of up to 2,200 lbs.

The new horizontal machining center shipped directly from the IMTS show to Hi-Tek in Mason, Ohio.  “The SNK America, Inc. installation team has been outstanding,” said Rich Hawk, Hi-Tek Maintenance Supervisor.  He went on to add that “the attention to detail and installation was flawless with excellent training of the Hi-Tek maintenance staff.”

Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc. has been serving the aviation and land based power generation OEM marketplace for over 36 years and is located in Mason, Ohio.

The Latest in Milling Technology- Hi-Tek Lives Up to its Name!

Should you not be familiar with this cutting-edge technology, CNC milling is a unique form of “computer numerical controlled” (or CNC) machining. This advanced form of milling is a machining process that performs both drilling and cutting, (as do traditional cutting and drilling machines), but in this case there is sophisticated and highly accurate automation of the machine tools. All operations are undertaken by precisely programmed commands that are encoded into the machine’s computer memory. In other words, human error is greatly diminished as there is no longer any need for manual control utilizing hand wheels or levers. Even mechanically automated cams are vastly improved upon with this state-of-the-art equipment. With computer numerical controlled technology, computers, rather than people, perform the integral part of the process of milling control, resulting in fewer mistakes and savings on labor.

Hi-Tek Manufacturing is a prime example of a cutting-edge company that utilizes the most advanced tools and technologies, like CNC machining. And Hi-Tek provides their customers with the very best in the latest CNC milling services, even with large and complex parts having thin cross-sections. Equipment utilized includes 3, 4, and 5-axis vertical machining centers and 5-axis horizontal machining centers, all of which make Hi-Tek one of the most comprehensive milling service providers in the country!

Hi-Tek performs masterfully such tasks as drilling, boring, contouring and profiling, counter-boring, countersinking, reaming, and tapping and works with components up to 60″ long, 48″ wide and 44″ high so clients can be assured that what they need can indeed be provided. Hi-Tek works primarily with high-temperature aerospace super alloys, cobalt and nickel based metals, and single crystal and conventional castings. Contact Hi-Tek today to learn how they can help you to realize quality and quantity at competitive prices.