Hi-Tek Manufacturing’s Process Support Services

HiTek picFrom multi-axis CNC laser to manual TIG welding, Hi-Tek Manufacturing boasts a full range of process support services. We are proud to offer these specialized skills, which also include quality assurance and testing of capabilities, to companies in the aerospace (both commercial and military), small land-based turbine (1MW-49MW), and large land-based turbine (50MW-greater than 180MW) industries.

All top industry standards are met and certified, including those for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008), the Aerospace Industry Standard (AS 9100), and the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP). While our general capabilities, such as make-to-print, concurrent engineering, and product manufacturing management, are varied and of the highest quality, our specialized services are equally industry-leading. For quality assurance alone our portfolio includes airflow testing, coordinate measuring machines, non-destructive radiographic inspection (x-ray), and a metallography lab for aerospace.

We understand the complexity of the work in the industries we cater to and we are equally aware that success in this business depends on reliability and reputation. Therefore, we strive to deeply immerse ourselves in the knowledge needed to work with hot gas path and structural components. High and low pressure turbines and combustors are fundamental to the future infrastructure of the US. It is with this knowledge of their importance that we approach every complete process tool design, build, electrode manufacturing, part cleaning, tumbling, deburring, and part marking.

In addition, Hi-Tek hopes to serve as an example of the type of efficiency that has made the manufacturing industry in America a world leader. Hence, our certifications in Six Sigma: 3 black belts and 3 green belts. Hi-Tek Manufacturing is also a subscriber to the principles of the lean manufacturing philosophy.

To find out more information or request a quote visit us here: http://www.hitekmfg.com/tool-design-build-electrode-manufacturing-metallurgical-lab-welding-airflow-inspection-fpi.html

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