Introducing the LASERDYNE 795XL: Making Advanced Manufacturing Even Better

Laserdyne 795 XL Hi-TekFor over 30 years, we at Hi-Tek Manufacturing have been providing our clients with the most precisely and expertly engineered complex components and assemblies in the industry. While we achieve this through our years of expertise and history of quality, it is also with an eye toward the future of technology and innovation. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our latest capability; through the acquisition of the high accuracy LASERDYNE 795XL laser system, we can now expand our offerings with higher productivity and lower operating costs.

Called a “value creator” by Mark Barry of Laserdyne, this fiber laser system expands our capabilities and allows us to add capacity for hole drilling at very low angles to the surface in uncoated and thermal barrier coated heat resistant materials, which is immensely valuable in the turbine engine industry. In addition to the advanced drilling it will provide, the system is designed to cut and weld medium to large 3D parts with its unique moving beam design—the first and only standard built multi-axis laser system to guarantee volumetric accuracy in high-speed operation.

Specifically, the system integrates a 12kW fiber laser, significantly improving drilling and cutting applications over earlier systems, while adding energy efficiency. Its BeamDirector®3 features a contouring head design with C (rotary) axis motion of 900 degrees, and D (tilt) axis motion of 300 degrees. It also includes a new design of encoder for improved accuracy and repeatability, higher assist gas air-flow, adjustable mirrors for easy and accurate beam alignment, and cassette mounted lens and cover slides for fast and accurate changeover.

According to Scott Stang, our Manufacturing Technology Manager, “This acquisition is the result of our never ending effort to procure the best manufacturing solutions for our customers.” We are confident that utilizing this technology will make our work for our clients that much more significant.

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