Social Media and Manufacturing: Then and Now

Over the past few years, the power of social media has grown exponentially. It was once used primarily to keep contact with friends and family, but has now become a hub for networking, business, and just about anything else you can imagine. In the past, prospective and current employees have avoided having public social media profiles due to the fear that there may be something companies would see as negative. Now, companies are also using social media to recruit their next generation employees.

Social-media-for-public-relations1reduzidoManchester Community College in particular is trying to use social media to prepare and recruit a new generation of manufacturing workers. Because manufacturing jobs have evolved and changed, MCC feels as though the means of finding employees should be the same.  Many young people entering the workforce now grew up with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn –  so to appeal to them you have to do it through a medium they use often.  Students often want to enter into fields that they learn about from their childhood such as medicine, law, education and so on. But it’s very rare that children learn about how diverse and interesting the numerous sectors of manufacturing are.

Manufacturing isn’t as cut and dry as some make it out to be. Here at Hi-Tek Manufacturing, we work in a variety of manufacturing capacities from CNC Milling to Laser Processing. There are also a multitude of industries that use high-tech manufacturing on a daily basis including aviation, which is an industry we often work with.

One of the most beneficial things about using social media for recruiting is engagement.  Social media gives recruiters and those looking for prospective employees the ability to converse with viable candidates who may not know much about the advancements in manufacturing.

Overall, there is certainly a change in the times as far as social media use goes. The technological aspects of manufacturing are growing and in turn so should the work force. So if social media can make it the “cool” field to explore, then more power to it!


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