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Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc. hosts Mason H.S. Students

Approximately thirty Mason City (Ohio) High School students along with parent chaperons were given a tour of the Hi-Tek Manufacturing operations on Friday, February 17th.  The tour was organized by one of the student’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stevens.  Their son is currently involved in classes in AutoCAD and other design engineering disciplines. Additional students in the class joined in to have a first-hand look at the complex manufacturing processes utilized by Hi-Tek in manufacturing HGP components for the turbine engine industry.


The tour was divided into three groups, where each of the smaller groups toured the manufacturing facility first, reviewing processes such as CNC grinding, machining, laser drilling and cutting, and various EDM operations.  After observing the manufacturing processes, the groups toured the design facility where Hi-Tek designers demonstrated the use of 3-D Unigraphics and other drawing techniques.  Taking customer provided models, the Hi-Tek designers also demonstrated how these 3-D models are studied, rotated, and utilized to accurately design the fixtures and tools required to manufacture the various required features into the castings.

The group asked numerous questions and experienced first-hand the practical application of graphic design as it applies to the manufacturing process.  At a final wrap up, there were numerous questions about the various manufacturing operations as well as the markets Hi-Tek serves.

“There are excellent career opportunities in manufacturing,” commented Phil Janson, Hi-Tek President to the group.  He went on to encourage the young students to consider manufacturing design, engineering, and other numerous opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Most impressive was the fact that these high school students made the trip on their own time as the Mason HS classes were not in session that day.

US Manufacturing is Expanding

Hi Tek growth in mfg

Manufacturing is growing in the US at a substantial rate over these past few months, surpassing expectations and showing that the industry has served as a source of strength for the economy recently. According to Bloomberg.com, manufacturing accounts for roughly 12 percent of the economy. Of the 18 industries covered, 14 reported expansion in October, most of which were led by textile mills, according to the ISM. In fact, the Institute for Supply Management’s index is currently the highest it’s been since April 2011, reaching 56.4 this past October, up from 56.2 in September.

In addition to this growth, the ISM reported that the measure of US new orders has exceeded 60 for three consecutive months, the longest since the beginning of 2011. Supplier deliver times have also grown, rising to their highest level since June 2011, and an index of production cooled to 60.8 from 62.6.

US manufacturing has seen its fair share of struggles in terms of finding qualified people to work for the industry, but now, as these numbers show, the industry is starting to become stronger. Skeptics can see that manufacturers are steadily rising in the market, and if the industry stays on this track, it can only lead to the job market becoming stronger. The Boston Consulting Group has even predicted that manufacturing could create up to an additional 5 million jobs by 2020. As long as the momentum stays strong, and young people get involved through STEM education, the trajectory will lead to even more substantial growth in the years ahead.