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Hi-Tek Manufacturing Offers Customers Nadcap Welding Audit Accreditation

Hi-Tek Manufacturing has served the gas turbine industries since 1980. Our commitment to giving customers the highest quality products is evident with our ISO certifications and Nadcap accreditation. ISO certification means a company follows international standards to ensure their products or services are reliable, safe, and high quality. Companies who do business internationally can then understand the quality they are getting when purchasing from and ISO certified company from another part of the world.


Nadcap, which stands for the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, was started in 1990 by SAE International. It is a cooperative accreditation program which is used globally for anyone in the defense, aerospace engineering, or closely related industries. Administration of the program is done by the Performance Review Institute (PRI).

Membership within Nadcap includes prime contractors that are responsible for coordinating with suppliers in the aerospace industry to develop audit criteria for products and special processes that are industry wide. Nadcap then, through PRI, provides independent certification of manufacturing processes for aerospace and related industries. This distinction helps to provide customers and consumers with the highest quality manufactured components possible.

It all begins with an audit by an approved auditor who is an industry professional. Any concerns or issues that arise during the audit are reported and PRI administers and closes the report with the supplier. When this is done, PRI presents the information to a special process task group. This group is made up of industry professionals who review and vote on it to be approved or denied.

Nadcap provides accreditation for a wide range of industries related to aerospace and defense industries such as coatings, composites, heat treating, nondestructive testing, welding, and more. PRI is headquartered in the U.S., but has offices in London, Japan, and Beijing.

Hi-Tek Manufacturing offers Electrical Discharge Machining, Laser Processes, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Grinding and Associated Process Support Services. Hi-Tek Manufacturing also offers quality standards, certifications, and inspection services for a variety of processes, including welding. Contact us for more information on how we can meet your needs.


Boasting compounded efficiency and pinpoint precision, multi-axis laser units work extremely well with Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines to create 2D and 3D custom welded and cut parts. From producing stamped components to metal spinnings and unique part designs, flexible and easy to manipulate, multi-axis lasers have expansive XYZ travels and are put to a large number of uses in the aircraft, military and small and large land-based turbine engine industries.


Hi-Tek Manufacturing was founded in the 1980s and since then has stood for unparalleled customer service excellence and the adroit use of technological advancements to create custom goods that adhere strictly to the specifications set forth by clients.

Where laser processing is concerned, Hi-Tek possess years of experience in dealing with single axis Nd:YAG and CO2 units. Of late however it has started specializing in multi-axis prototypes that can bring to life the movements specified by the G-code of CAD programs and render them with exceptional accuracy to produce trepan and percussion cooling holes, among other features.

Hi-Tek multi-axis lasers bring power outputs that vary between 400W and 4000W to the table and allow engineers and specialists a vast range of heat intensities to utilize. This flexibility results in etchings that vary from barely conspicuous product codes and company stamps to intricately carved spirals that retain their form yet do not break free from the larger surface of the super alloys, cobalt and nickel based ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and non-metallic materials that are deemed robust enough to serve as the blank canvas for the lasers.

An additional capability pioneered by Hi-Tek is laser ablation, the removal of thermal barrier coatings or TBC’s from hot gas path turbine engine components.  The precision and control of the laser beam allows the operator to “scrub” away the TBC while leaving the conductive bond coat in place for subsequent drilling operations.  Diffuser shapes are easily scrubbed into coatings of various thicknesses to meet the most demanding airflow requirements.


Hi-Tek Manufacturing Laser Processing end products are at par with ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 and NADCAP standards. With impressive axis travel numbers of 96″ x72″ x 36″, the multi-axis lasers are ideal fits for the production of hot gas path and structural components like high pressure and low-pressure turbines and combustors.

If you would like a custom quote please contact us here and allow us to serve you as per our industry best practices.