ISO 9001/ AS 9100/ Nadcap Certification

To demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, and continuous improvement, Hi-Tek Manufacturing has achieved Nadcap accreditation in several special process categories. Nadcap certification is an important way of communicating to our customers that we excel at manufacturing products that meet or exceed the high quality standards established for the aerospace and defense industries.

Nadcap is a global cooperative accreditation program that provides independent certification of special manufacturing processes for the aerospace engineering, defense, and related industries. Its membership brings together technical experts, prime contractors, suppliers, and government representatives who work together to define operational requirements for special processes and establish a standardized approach for supplier audit and approval.

We sought Nadcap Certification in an effort to develop cost-effective processes that strengthened the quality of our products while giving our customers increased confidence in our capabilities. As a major provider of complex components and assemblies used in aircraft, power generation, and marine turbine engines, our status as a Nadcap accredited supplier assures customers that work is performed competently and consistently. It also highlights our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, reinforced by our certifications.

The scope of our accreditation covers non-destructive testing, non-conventional machining, heat treating, and vacuum brazing. Achieving certification in these four special process categories was an extraordinary accomplishment for our team. With this level of technical authority, our turnkey solutions for OEM turbine engine customers lead to superior quality, lower costs, and greater innovation.

For more information about our Nadcap certifications, contact us directly.

PDF Nadcap Welding Certification (PDF - 456KB)
PDF Nadcap NonDestructive Testing Certification (PDF - 491KB)
PDF Nadcap Nonconventional Machining Certification (PDF - 492KB)
PDF Nadcap Airflow Certification (PDF - 452KB)
PDF Nadcap Heat Treating Certification (PDF - 378KB)
PDF AS9100D Certification (PDF - 414KB)