Precision HPT Blades machining for the Gas Turbine Industry

What are the different types of turbines?

A turbine is the rotating part which converts kinetic energy of a working fluid into mechanical or electrical energy which can be harnessed and used. A turbine has blades mounted on a rotor which helps to extract the energy from the moving fluid. How efficient the turbine is depends on the blade design. 

Based on the fluid they harvest energy from, turbines fall into four categories:

  • Water
    • Primarily used in hydroelectric power plants, highly pressurized water flows through a pipe where it strikes the turbine blades. The turbine is connected to a generator and the rotation of the blades generates electricity. 
  • Steam
    • Primarily used in nuclear and thermal power plants, water is heated to form steam which is flowed through turbines to collect electricity. Steam turbines consist of both rotating and static turbine blades which are placed alternately in order to extract the most energy. 
  • Gas 
    • Gas turbines, also known as internal combustion engines, are used in power plants, airplanes and helicopters. Gas turbines have rotating blades which suck in air and compress it, increasing the temperature. The air is added to the combustion chamber along with fuel and an ignitor sparks the fuel. 
  • Wind
    • Wind turbines consist of a rotor and three turbine blades. The wind rotates the turbine blades producing a small amount of electricity. 

These high pressure turbine blades were manufactured for use in gas turbine assemblies. Hi-Tek Manufacturing is a world class supplier of hot gas path components for the gas turbine industry. Composed of a high temperature super alloy, the high pressure turbine blades are one of the primary components in the hot gas path segment of a turbine and one of Hi-Tek's highest volume machining products.

The high pressure Turbine Blade machining processes utilize a wide range of manufacturing processes and a variety of machines. The initial grinding of the root form was accomplished using our multi axis creep feed grinders and a 5-axis CBN grinder machine. The cooling holes were drilled using a multi-axis sinker EDM machine, a 6-axis fast-hole EDM machine, or a 5-axis YAG laser. The root form contours were inspected with CMM equipment and the cooling holes were CNC Optically inspected as well as Airflow tested. The components were also deburred, vapor degreased, cleaned, and marked.

The finished turbine parts can vary in size from 2" to 24" in length and 2" to 8" in width, featuring a surface finish of 16 RMS. Used in commercial and military aircraft as well as land based turbines for power plants up to 250MW, we have manufactured over one million of these products since 1980 using high pressure turbine machining processes.

For more information on these precision CNC machined turbine blades and buckets, see the table below or contact Hi-Tek Manufacturing directly.

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Precision CNC Machining of High Temp Alloy Turbine Blade Highlights

Product Description
High Pressure Turbine Blades & Buckets
Precision CNC Machining Capabilities
CNC Creep Feed Grind Root Form
Sinker EDM Drill Cooling Holes (Round or Shaped)
Fast Hole EDM Drill Cooling Holes (Round or Shaped)
Laser Drill Cooling Holes (Round)
Wire EDM Root End & Tip Radius
CBN Grind Root Faces
Sinker EDM Pockets (Tip or Pocket)
Electrode Stamping for EDM Hole Drilling
Vapor Degrease & Clean
Part Mark
Machining Equipment Used to Manufacture Turbine Part
3, 4, or 5-Axis Creep Feed Grinder
5-Axis CBN Grinder
5-Axis Wire EDM
6-Axis Fast-Hole EDM
3, 4, or 5-Axis Sinker EDM
5-Axis YAG Laser
Hi-Tek designed and built Tooling & Fixtures for all processes
Material Used
High Temperature Super Alloys
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Airflow Testing
CNC Optical Inspection
Radiographic Inspection (X-Ray)
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Hard Gaging
Industry for Use
Aircraft Turbines - Commercial & Military
Small Land Based Turbines - 1MW - 49 MW
Large Land Based Turbines - 50MW to > than 250MW
Over 1 Million turbines processed and shipped since 1980
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Product ships in Engine sets - depending on set size and work scope: 3-6 weeks after receipt of order and material.
Delivery Location
FOB origin
Standards Met
ISO 9001:2008
AS 9100 Rev C
AC7116 Non-conventional Machining
AC7114 Non Destructive Testing

Customer Supplied Design & Prints:
Drawing Formats - Unigraphics (PRT), STEP, IGES
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