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New Product Introduction (NPI)

Hi-Tek's staff of manufacturing and quality engineers works together with OEM component teams to bring new products to production.

The NPI team works with the OEM customer, utilizing 3-D models to generate tool design and production processes to the most exacting standards.  Hi-Tek Manufacturing Tool Designers utilizing 3-D Unigraphics design and oversee the fabrication of fixtures and tooling to efficiently process each part. Data collection, both in-process and final inspection, is collected and uploaded into customer quality plans.  Complete Manufacturing Process Plans (MPP) is developed along with quality to ensure the details and features of each new component are produced to the highest industrial standards possible.  From development castings each process is verified, process capability established, metallurgical data collected, and dimensional as well as air flow data (when applicable) submitted for customer certification.  The culmination of each successful NPI project is to turn over a "frozen", proven manufacturing process to production control, ramping up to manufacturing levels to meet customer demand.

Heat Treatment and Brazing

Heat Treatment is the process of changing the microstructure of a metal using controlled heating and cooling cycles.
Brazing is an operation that uses a filler metal to join two metallic parts together at high temperatures.


AS 9100D Certification Including ISO 9001:2015

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