Process Support Services

Airflow Inspection

Hi-Tek has been performing Airflow Inspections on turbine hardware since 1980. Multiple calibrated Airflow Stands exist to meet our customer's exacting specs and requirements. This Airflow equipment is continually coordinated with all our customers’ standards, audits and approvals.

Metallurgical Laboratory

Thermal processes such as EDM, Laser, Material Joining, etc. have stringent requirements for such things as recast layer, heat affected zones, microcrack limits, etc. In 1985 Hi-Tek realized the need to have fully approved in-house Met Lab resources and established that capability. Since then the equipment has been continually updated to stay on the leading edge of the process. Hi-Tek maintains Met Lab approvals from all our customers as required.

Electrode Machining

Hi-Tek possesses several multi-axis Graphite hi-speed milling machines for graphite EDM Electrode production and re-dressing. Utilizing modern ventilation and filtering systems, the electrode milling area stays clean and attractive.

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