Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting At Hi-Tek Manufacturing, our advanced laser cutting equipment allows us to create complicated features and drill precise holes with exceptionally close positioning and tight tolerances. We utilize laser processes for producing complex components and assemblies used in aviation, power generation, and marine turbine engines. Our facility houses both ND:Yag and CO2 lasers with features such as 6-axes of articulated motion and integrated CNC and DNC control systems for managing geometrically complex workpieces. Process-based inspections ensure we maintain consistent quality results.

By tightly regulating beam profile, speed, and positioning, we make advanced cuts in high-temperature super alloys, cobalt- and nickel-based alloys, non-metallic materials, and more. We have the capacity to laser cut parts measuring up to 96” in length x 72” in width x 36” in height. Laser drilling, using both percussion and trepanning methods, enables us to produce cooling holes with exacting sizes in complicated patterns. Our drill-to-flow approach incorporates in-process and post-process testing to ensure products maintains precise airflow values.

Our expert staff can take your application from drawing all the way through to production, test, and inspection. We are a valuable resource for concurrent engineering and offer innovative ideas to improve prototypes and accelerate product development. In addition to ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100 c, we have also achieved NADCAP certification.

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Laser Cutting Capabilities

General Capabilities
Make to Print
Concurrent Engineering
Production Manufacturing Management
Drill to Flow
Equipment Used
Multi Axis Nd: YAG
Multi Axis CO2
Equipment Capabilities
CNC Control Capabilities
DNC (Direct Numerical Control)
Maximum Output Power:
400 W (YAG)
4,000 W (CO2)
Maximum XYZ Travel = 96"x72"x36"
Machinery Axis
5 & 6
Process Thickness
.500” Max
Drilling Holes & Cutting
Cooling Holes
Material Used
High Temperature Aerospace Super Alloys
Cobalt & Nickel Based
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
Non Metallic
Testing Services
Non Destructive Testing (NDT):
Radiographic Inspection (X- Ray)
Profilometer (Surface Finish)
Water Flow
Inspection Services
Final Inspection
CMM Inspection
5-axis Optical
Standard & Special Purpose Gages
Additional Services
Metallurgical Lab
In House Tool Design & Build

Additional Information

Industries Served
Aircraft Turbine Engines – Commercial & Military
Marine Turbine Engine
Power Generation Turbine Engine
Intended Application
Hot Gas Path and Structural Components:
High Pressure Turbine , Low Pressure Turbine,
Combustors, etc.
Industry Standards Met
ISO 9001:2008
AS 9100
Six Sigma Certifications
3 Black Belts
3 Green Belts
Lean Manufacturing
File Formats Accepted
Unigraphics (PRT), STEP, IGES