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Heat Treatment and Brazing

Heat Treatment is the process of changing the microstructure of a metal using controlled heating and cooling cycles.
Brazing is an operation that uses a filler metal to join two metallic parts together at high temperatures.

Hi-Tek began performing in-house heat treatment and brazing starting in 2013 with the installation of two new GM HVF-401 vacuum furnaces. Each furnace has a working zone of 36” x 36” x 48” that can be heated to 2250°F and easily achieve vacuum levels below 1 micron. Our computer-controlled furnaces are equipped with a 2-bar argon quenching system allowing us to quickly cool down parts under an inert atmosphere. 

Hardness checks can be performed after heat treatment with our Newage Hardness Testing machine, with the capabilities of testing both Rockwell B and C scales.

Our engineers and technicians have over 50 years of combined experience with heat treatment, brazing, and metallurgical evaluation. 

Brazing Capabilities

Hi-Tek Manufacturing stocks a wide array of braze powders, tapes, and brazing shims to be able to meet our customers’ high standards. With our on-site metallurgical lab, we are able to quickly cut up and analyze joints to ensure we are meeting requirements. All braze preparation is carried out within our climate-controlled clean room to ensure there is no contamination, for the highest quality joints.

Process capabilities

  • Solution Heat Treatment

  • Precipitation & Aging Hardening

  • Stress Relieving 

  • Thermal Etching

  • Vacuum Brazing

  • Ability to process nickel, cobalt, and titanium alloys


We are NADCAP certified for both brazing and heat treating with Class 3 furnaces with Instrumentation Type “B”. This means our furnaces can hold a +/- 15°F tolerance between 1100°F and 2250°F. We have obtained merit status with NADCAP since 2016. We have successfully brazed or heat treated over 60,000 parts since 2013. 

Nadcap Heat Treat Certification

Contact us today for more information about our Heat Treat and Brazing Capabilities!

Reach out to learn more!

Reach out to learn more!

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