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Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc. is a state-of-the-art facility engaged in the production of hot gas path (HGP) and other aviation and power generation turbine engine components.  As a supplier to all major turbine engine OEM's, we are a full-service facility, specializing in make complete processing of your special alloy components. Our continued success beginning in 1980 has allowed us to expand and grow, becoming one of the major manufacturing suppliers to the turbine engine industry.  We provide a full scope of manufacturing services to meet the most exacting specifications and quality requirements. Whether continuing production of legacy components or launching a new product introduction (NPI), our superior, dedicated staff will partner with your product teams to produce results and ensure success. Contact us with the requirements for your next project. You will be glad you did!


Founded in 1980, Hi-Tek began operations by providing EDM production services for the aerospace industry. Since that time, we have grown and diversified our operations to include Wire, CNC Sinker, Plunge, and Fast Hole EDM, Laser, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Grinding, Welding and Repair, Metallography, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI), Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing, CMM and Optical Inspection, and Airflow Testing.

​1980 - Founded as System EDM by Cletis Jackson and Jack Cross, focusing on EDM and Laser of cooling holes to support Aircraft Turbine Components

1982 - System EDM purchases an addition 3,925 SF facility to support business growth and the addition of new equipment.

1984 - Hi-Tek Manufacturing founded with the addition of Gary Griessmann, to make tooling, fixturing, and provide machining services

1990 - System EDM and Hi-Tek merged into Hi-Tek Manufacturing, Inc.

1990 - Hi-Tek Manufacturing builds new 44,050 SF facility to compliment the original two facilities.

1997 - Hi-Tek completes 31,300 SF of manufacturing space, bringing total to 87,550 SF

2000 - ISO 9002 Certification

2002 - Awarded patents for fast-hole EDM technology

2003 - ISO 9001/AS9100 Certification

2005 - Hi-Tek celebrates 25th anniversary on March 1st

2006 - Hi-Tek dramatically expands capacity with addition of CNC Grinding, Milling, and EDM Equipment with $20M capital expenditure.

2009 - Hi-Tek Recertified ISO and AS Certifications

2010 - Hi-Tek celebrates 30th anniversary of serving the Gas Turbine & Aerospace Industries

2012 - Hi-Tek completes addition of 37,450 SF manufacturing space, bring total floor space to 125,000 SF across 3 facilities.

2013 - Expand into Fiber Laser Technologies; Aerospace Certification for Welding

2014 - Complete $1M Office Renovation and Upgrade

2015 - Heat Treat and Braze Nadcap Certification

2016 - Relocation and Expansion of Grinding Department; Recertified AS9100

2016 - Development of Laser TBC Ablation and DTC (Drill through coating) Technologies

2017 - Expanded Centralized Coolant System

2020 - Grinding Department Expansions

2021 - Milling Capacity Expanded

Environmental Action

Multiple machine tool operations at Hi-Tek Manufacturing are serviced by central filtration systems. Each system delivers the required fluid (coolant, grinding oil, dielectric oil, or D.I. water) thoroughly filtered, temperature and pressure controlled to meet the exacting needs of the metalworking operation. Utilizing a bulk cellulose filter media, the filter system sludges are processed with fluids extracted and returned to the system tanks. The solids receive further processing to reclaim metallic materials for recycling, reducing Hi-Tek Manufacturing's waste stream to a near net zero. These efforts demonstrate our responsible commitment to the local community and protect the environment we leave for generations to come; it is the right thing to do!

Health & Safety

The safety and well-being of each employee is a top priority at Hi-Tek Manufacturing. The facility is extremely clean and temperature controlled with multiple air-handling and filtration systems to insure the highest quality environment possible. Each new employee receives extensive safety training and the use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task he is required to perform. Additional periodic training occurs throughout each year, reviewing the latest standards, federal, state, and local requirements including SDS sheet locations and other safe practices initiatives. Hi-Tek's time-loss accident record leads the aerospace industry, driven by our philosophy that each employee deserves the right to leave for home each day injury free.

We Machine Precision Components for Aviation and Gas Turbine Engines

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