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CNC Milling

We have many make-complete products that utilize our CNC Turning & Milling Equipment, along with Grinding, Cooling Hole Drilling, Welding, and other Assembling processes

Hi-Tek has many 3 & 4 Axis Vertical Milling machines and 5-Axis Vertical & Horizontal Milling machines

3 & 4-Axis Vertical Milling

HTM has many heavy duty 3&4-Axis vertical milling machines of all sizes up to 20" x 40" x 30".  Automatic tool setters and auto tool changers are used extensively. Most have probing capabilities.

5-Axis Vertical & Horizontal Milling

HTM has many heavy duty 5-axis Vertical & Horizontal CNC machine centers of all sizes up to 60" x 40" x 36".  Automatic tool setters and changers are used extensively.  Most have probing capabilities as well as automatic pallet changers on the larger machines.

CNC Milling


Our Milling Capability

Our current inventory of milling machines includes three 5-Axis Horizontals, six 5-Axis Verticals, and seven 4-Axis Verticals.  All machines are heavy duty box way geared head models specifically suited to the precision machining of high temperature, nickel cobalt based alloys.  4- and 5-Axis configurations allow us to perform multi-sided machining and 4- and 5-Axis contouring to minimize setups.  All of our machines offer the latest in 3D probing capability, which allows verification and recording of critical dimensions before the part is removed from the machining.

Part probing is also used to assure proper loading before the machine cycle begins.    High pressure spindle coolant systems provides better surface finishes and decreased machining time, as well as increased tool life to minimize machining costs.  HI-TEK's CNC Tooling Department has both vertical and horizontal capabilities up to 60" diameter swing.   Three vertical machines offer high horsepower rigidity for the machining of forged alloys and difficult to machine castings.

Our horizontal machines range in size from 8" diameter up to 32" diameter capabilities.  Hi-TEK has many made-complete products that utilize our CNC Turning & Milling Equipment.  Along with Grinding, Cooling Hole Drilling, Welding, and other Assembling processes.

All CNC equipment at Hi-Tek communicate to the central DNC server where programs can be downloaded in seconds and assure the integrity of process control.

AS 9100D Certification Including ISO 9001:2015

Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise allows us to handle the most challenging milling jobs. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements!

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The machining and manufacturing process has swiftly changed throughout the years as technology has advanced to greater and greater heights. If you're not familiar with machining manufacturing, it's one of the most essential industries in the world.

What is Machining?


Since their introduction in the 1940s, manufacturers have used heat-resistant superalloys in everything from state-of-the-art fighter jets to medical and dentistry equipment.

Machining Super Alloys


The casting process works well for producing larger pieces, rather than needing to put small parts together in an inefficient process. The tight tolerances needed in aerospace, aviation and other markets need further refinements for their components.

Machining of Castings


Thanks to advancements in materials and technology, modern blade and turbine buckets often have a 30-year operational life.

Turbine Buckets


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