Wire EDM

With 8 4&5-Axis Wire EDM Machines and one of the largest submersible tanks in North America, we can handle a wide range of sizes and shapes

The sinker EDM process is largely used to create complex cavity shapes in tool and die applications. Such applications include metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds

Our Sinker EDM Process

The sinker process begins with machining a graphite electrode to form a “positive” of the desired cavity before the electrode is then carefully plunged or immersed into the workpiece, which causes sparking over its surface as the process closes the sparking gap, creating the distance required for sparking.

In our process, we focus on the most organic process associated with sinker EDMs, which starts by creating an inverse of the desired shape out of a copper or graphite electrode.  We use our high-speed mill, grinder or other high-functioning methods for this task.  Once we have the perfect inverse of the desired shape, we sink the electrode into the construction material to create the part.  This type of EDM process is perfect for mold making, creating threads and tapping holes, and creating shapes in very hard metals before placing them under heat treatment. 

Sinker EDM


Hi-Tek Manufacturing has decades of experience with Wire EDM and has been at the forefront of utilizing the latest technology in machines in this process.  As a result, Hi-Tek's Wire EDM Processes can cut various shapes into parts that can't be achieved through other types of machining, and can do so quickly and accurately.  We have a total of 8 Wire EDM machines.  This, along with having one of the largest submerged tanks in North America, gives Hi-Tek the capability of machining a wide range of sizes and shapes.

AS 9100D Certification Including ISO 9001:2015

Our expertise and machining capability for Wire EDM applications is top notch. Reach out to our staff by clicking through to the form below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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EDM makes it possible to drill holes and cut slots in parts 70% faster, with better precision, and that will withstand extreme pressure and temperatures

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)


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