Custom Laser Processing Services

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Hi-Tek installed their first 5-Axis YAG laser in 1982. In the 30+ years since many additional 5 & 6 Axis Lasers of many sizes have been added. In addition to YAG Lasers Hi-Tek has C02 as well as the latest Fiber Lasers. Parts as large as 92" x 72" x 36"are able to be processed on Hi-Tek's CNC Laser Centers.

Laser Cutting

For over 30 Years Hi-Tek has been using lasers for cutting many materials including high temperature Nickle/Cobalt. Material thicknesses range from less than .010" up to 3/8 inches thick are routinely cut. Cutting final part configurations from sheet stock as well as Laser trimming formed sheet metal parts to exacting customer requirements are common. Non-metallic parts are Laser cut as well. In addition, openings of all sizes and shapes are cut into work pieces.

Laser Welding

Hi-Tek has been 5-Axis laser welding for three decades. Similar and dis-similar aerospace materials are routinely welded. Covers, baffles, impingement sheets and other hardware are frequently welded to gas turbine HPT Blades, Vanes, Shroudes, Seals and various other hardware.

Laser Drilling

In 1982 Hi-Tek purchased their first 5-Axis Laser. In the quarter century since, tens of millions of holes have been produced by Multi-Axis Lasers at Hi-Tek. Many new Lasers have been procured during this time as Hi-Tek continually expanded both capabilities and capacity. Parts up to 36" x 48" x 80" can be processed on our equipment.

Laser Ablation

In the past few years there has been need for the ability to produce round and shaped cooling holes in HPT hardware AFTER TBC coating. Hi-Tek's technical crew addressed this need and developed a Laser Ablation process that today is routinely utilized on production HPT Blades, Vanes, and various other HGP components.

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