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Machining of Castings

At Hi-Tek, we understand that your metal cast pieces need to be perfect, and we leave no room for error. Taking these casted parts through a machining process is necessary to achieve the proper measurements.

Call Hi-Tek for your Casting Machining Needs

Hi‐Tek Manufacturing has four decades of experience working with aviation and gas turbine companies.  We specialize in offering quality machining services for hot gas path component parts. Our equipment is capable of working with the super‐alloys that are necessary in your projects. We are always looking for new ways to innovate, so we'll be able to provide our customers with the manufacturing capabilities they request.  Another benefit of working with Hi‐Tek Manufacturing is that we have the staff on‐hand to take a piece project from start to finish.  Make complete and engine installation ready parts is well within Hi-Tek’s capabilities.  Managing the support processes such as coating and shot peening (processes outside of Hi-Tek’s in-house operations) as well as procuring customer designed cast or forged material, is all possible and familiar to Hi-Tek’s business model.  We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach with our customers so that we're always meeting their specifications and schedule needs. Need something in a rush? Talk to us. We're happy to work with you to meet the confines of your schedule.

As one of the top providers of engine turbine parts in the aeronautic and aviation industries, we're a trusted name when it comes to getting things done right. When you're choosing a company for castings machining, we understand that you have choices. At Hi-Tek Manufacturing, we're proud to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art product at a price that's fair. We take safety and quality just as seriously as you do. We aren't a flash in the pan company- we've been around since 1980, providing aeronautic and aviation companies with reliable aircraft parts. Our reputation in the industry precedes us, and we come highly recommended by well-known companies worldwide. Over the past 39 years, we've grown as a company, and we've ensured that our products continue to meet the high standards our customers expect.

We understand that the devil is in the details, and we're here to work with you to make sure that your engine turbine parts are exactly what you need. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a product that you've ordered 10 times before, or if you're working on something brand new- we're here to help you get the exact, detailed piece that you need to make the idea in your mind a reality in the sky.

When you go through the machining process at Hi-Tek, we'll work with you to make sure we understand your exact specifications before we get started on your project. It's important to us that we get it exactly right, the first time around.  After we talk with you and fully understand your needs, we'll input the specifications for your project into the machine, and from there, there is no possibility for human error to take over.

Creating a prototype?  We understand the process, and we're here to help.  We'll take your plans, create your machined casting, and work with you on each round of revisions to your metalcast piece.  We know that innovation is a tricky, time consuming business, and we're here to help you with prototypes in any way that we can.  If you're not sure that we can provide you with what you need, talk to us. We like creating new things as much as you do, and we'll work with you to create a new, out of the box solution to meet your needs throughout and after the casting and machining process.

Not all casting and machining companies have the ability to work with super-alloys.  At Hi-Tek, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art machinery, able to handle super-alloys and more. Our experience with super‐alloys allows us to effectively take these castings through machining.  We have the necessary equipment to handle these demanding manufacturing needs.  In some cases, we have built the machines and processes ourselves whenever the commercially available options didn't meet our requirements. We are determined to get your project right, even if that means going out of the box and trying something unheard of in the machining industry.  We understand that we're working with innovators in the aerospace and aviation industries, and that means doing things in a way that they haven't been done before. We're here to help you move forward, and that means doing things differently.

Our Approach to Castings Machining

Hi‐Tek uses creep feed grinding as a way to allow companies to create precise parts at scale, alongside our company's EDM, Fast Hole EDM, and other manufacturing processes. Since our customers need tight tolerancing so that vibrations are minimized on turbines, as well as reducing the wear rate at the dovetail, we needed a way to make everything perfect and economically sound.   We use custom‐fitted diamond rolls, monitored power meter settings and an engineered coolant delivery system to ensure that the dovetail geometry ends up being within tolerances after the grinding process. It's important to us that we provide you with the best equipment in the field.  We value your trust in us to get the job done right, and that means we need to provide you with top of the line equipment.

Heat Treatment and Brazing

Heat Treatment is the process of changing the microstructure of a metal using controlled heating and cooling cycles.
Brazing is an operation that uses a filler metal to join two metallic parts together at high temperatures.


AS 9100D Certification Including ISO 9001:2015

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