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Precision HPT Blades Machining

Hi-Tek Manufacturing is a world class supplier of hot gas path components for the gas turbine industry. Composed of a high temperature super alloy, the high pressure turbine blades are one of the primary components in the hot gas path segment of a turbine and one of Hi-Tek's highest volume machining products.

The high pressure Turbine Blade machining processes utilize a wide range of manufacturing processes and a variety of machines. The initial grinding of the root form was accomplished using our multi axis creep feed grinders and a 5-axis CBN grinder machine. The cooling holes were drilled using a multi-axis sinker EDM machine, a 6-axis fast-hole EDM machine, or a 5-axis YAG laser.  The root form contours were inspected with CMM equipment and the cooling holes were CNC Optically inspected as well as Airflow tested. The components were also deburred, vapor degreased, cleaned, and marked.

The finished turbine parts can vary in size from 2" to 24" in length and 2" to 8" in width, featuring a surface finish of 16 RMS. Used in commercial and military aircraft as well as land based turbines for power plants up to 250MW, we have manufactured over one million of these products since 1980 using high pressure turbine machining processes.

Heat Treatment and Brazing

Heat Treatment is the process of changing the microstructure of a metal using controlled heating and cooling cycles.
Brazing is an operation that uses a filler metal to join two metallic parts together at high temperatures.


AS 9100D Certification Including ISO 9001:2015

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