Continuous Dress Creep Feed

Hi-Tek has many Continuous Dress Creep Feed Grinders up to 100 horsepower with table sizes up to 48" x 36"and wheel sizes ranging up to 20" x 8". Assorted part features with tight tolerances such as Turbine Blade rootforms are routinely produced. These modern, state of the art grinders using the latest in grinding wheel compositions and coolant technology positions Hi-Tek to provide our customers with "World Class" continuous dress creep feed grinding services. Hi-Tek's central coolant systems provide ultra-filtered, temperature controlled coolant for ultimate process performance delivered to each grinding machine at constant pressure.

Dry Set Up for Creep Feed Grind (CFG)Wet in Operation Creep Feed Grind (CFG)Blades & Creep Feed GrindLarge 6-Axis Creep Feed Grinding Machine

5-Axis CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride)

Hi-Tek has many 5-Axis CBN Grinders for generating radial features on highly complex nickel / cobalt turbine components. Parts as large as 36" x 36" x 36" can be processed on these grinders. Hi-Tek's central coolant systems provide ultra-filtered, temperature controlled grinding oil at constant delivery pressure for ultimate process performance. Segmented nozzles, shrouds, vanes, etc. are routinely produced to meet the exacting standards of aviation and power generation turbine engine manufacturers.

CBN Oil GrindCBN Vane GrindCBN Grind Ring SegmentsMulti-Axis CBN Grind

Vertical Cylindrical Grinding

HI-Tek has Cylindrical Grinding capabilities for parts as tall as 42", outside diameters up to 42". The X-Axis and Y-Axis have 36"x 36" travel with linear glass scales in all axes. The T-slot table is 36" in diameter, and the fully enclosed machine uses a single point dresser on the OD/ID grinding spindle.

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