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Hi-Tek Employees are Top-of-the-Line

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

At Hi-Tek, we pride ourselves in recruiting and maintaining a solid workforce that will provide a solid foundation for our company. We’ve experienced 32 years of continuous growth, and our talented engineering staff has grown with us. Our employees are technical experts, and are experienced in developing and managing machining services for the aerospace industry. Clients who visit us receive cost-effective, functional designs that exceed industry requirements.

Our employees are knowledgeable, and some of the best in the market. We provide our staff with a complete training program that gives them hands-on experience working with, and learning about numerous types of machinery. By the program completion, employees are able to set-up and operate machinery on their own, with thorough understanding.

In addition, Hi-Tek has an outstanding employee retention rate. We pride ourselves in being a ‘family-oriented business,’ and do so by hosting employee events such as annual picnics and open houses, and encourage family members to celebrate with us. Approximately 60% of our workforce has been employed with us for five years or more, and 30% have been with us for ten years or more.

Currently, Hi-Tek Manufacturing is recruiting for machinist, engineers, and technicians. As we continue to grow as an organization, we are confident that our baseline workforce has the knowledge to be able to effectively train our ever-growing staff. For more information on future career openings at Hi-Tek Manufacturing, please visit our careers page or call us at (513) 459-1094.

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