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Introducing New Technologies and Processes

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

At Hi-Tek Manufacutring, we’re committed to customer satisfaction by investing in newer, more improved technologies. This is why we’ve recently installed the first of what will eventually lead to many Diode Pumped Fiber Laser machines. The lasers have such features as an Articulating Beam Director, Shaped Hole Drilling, Ablation thru TBC coating and Drilling on the Fly capabilities. Initial results have already shown a decreased processing time compared to the more traditional technology.

Hi Tek new technologies

We’ve also recently installed two GM Vacuum Furnaces. The features include 36” x 36” x 48” working chambers, an operating range of 1,100° to 2,400° Fahrenheit and 10-6 Torr Ultimate Vacuum. Our company plans to utilize these furnaces for brazing and heat treating operations. These vacuum furnace installations will provide increased capacity and make room to improve Hi-Tek’s lead-time for complete products. Again, our focus is dedicated to providing the best value services to our customers.

Hi Tek new technologies 2
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